Pioneering recording artist

Eugene C. Rose

Name Eugene C. Rose
Lifetime 1866 - 1961
Specialty Flute (also piccolo and ocarina)

Rose's first known recording was as part of a flute trio recorded in 1889 at Edison's Laboratories.

From 1899-1902, Rose toured (and presumably recorded) with Sousa's Band.

Back at Edison's National Phonograph Company beginning around 1902, he was regularly heard in recordings of the Edison Concert Band, the Edison Venetian Trio, as well as several violin & flute duets.   However, he made just a handful of solo recordings, including a famous novelty with Eugene at the helm of an ocarina!

Eugene C. Rose (1904)
Eugene C. Rose and flute (ca. 1904)

On September 11, 1955, Eugene Rose was a guest on the DuMont television network program Life Begins at Eighty. The theme of the program was a tribute to John Philip Sousa, and Mr. Rose spoke briefly about his association with the Sousa band.
To hear Eugene Rose at 89  —

For help playing this sound, click here.

Eugene Rose (front) at a recording session (ca. 1908)
At a recording session – possibly the Edison Concert Band (ca. 1908) –
Eugene Rose is front-and-center at the recording horn playing the flute (with a piccolo at-the-ready).

— The preceding photographs and sound clip are from the collection of  Douglas Rose —
(Great-grandson of Eugene C.)

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