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A great novelty recording:   The ocarina gets some respect from Eugene Rose with "Genevieve" Waltz Medley from 1906.

"Genevieve" Waltz Medley

Company Edison's National Phonograph Company
Cylinder # 9197
Category Ocarina
Title "Genevieve" Waltz Medley
Performed by Eugene C. Rose
Circa February 1906
Announcement "Ocarina solo, 'Genevieve' Waltz Medley, played by Eugene Rose.  Edison record."
Eugene C. Rose, ca. 1904

Enjoy this unusual record - one of the first solo recordings of the ocarina on wax cylinder.   (It may also have been one of the last.)   We know from friend, Gabriel Marro of Spain: "I have a brown wax cylinder recorded in Zaragoza, Spain in 1900 with a beautiful duo of ocarinas."

Flute virtuoso, Eugene Rose, isn't shy about giving the sometimes toy-like ocarina its day in the musical sun.

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    No. 9197, "Genevieve Waltz Medley," by Eugene Rose, is a Record by the ocarina and the first solo of its kind made for our catalogue.   A bit played by the ocarina which was introduced into "The Musical Yankee," our Record No. 9119, led to numerous requests for an entire Record of this unique instrument.   This specially arranged waltz solo, with orchestra accompaniment, is the result.   The ocarina makes an unusually loud and clear Record, and this selection will undoubtedly be much in demand.
— January 1906 Edison Phonograph Monthly [announcing the February records]


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