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Where can I buy antique phonographs and cylinder records?

There are many sources, including –

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Where can I get my antique phonograph repaired and buy accessories?

There are several reputable dealers of antique phonograph accessories, and many also do repair work.   Here is a short list (not an endorsement).
	Steve Ford, Remembering Time
	7600 NW 15th Avenue
	Vancouver, WA   98665
	Telephone: 360/699-7173
	Website:   www.remembering-time.com/
	Email:     rememberingtimerepairs@comcast.net

	Dwayne Wyatt's Musical Americana
	P.O. Box 601
	Lakeport, CA  95453
	Telephone: 707/263-5013
	Website:   www.wyattsmusical.com/

	Ron Haring, "the Victrola Man"
	17024 Frazier Road
	Plano, IL   60545
	Telephone: 630/552-1558 (CST)
	Email:     victrolman@aol.com

	Dennis & Patti Valente
	Antique Phonograph Supply Co.
	Route 23, P.O. Box 123
	Davenport Center, NY   13751
	Telephone: 607/278-6218
	Website:   www.antiquephono.com
	Email:     apsco@antiquephono.com

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Where can I buy early sound recordings transferred onto CDs?

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Where can I buy books on antique phonographs and records?

Allen Koenigsberg, author, collector and publisher of matters phonographic, carries a fine catalog of resources from books to posters.   You can reach Allen at:
	Allen Koenigsberg
	502 E. 17th St.
	Brooklyn, NY   11226
	Telephone: 718/941-6835
	Fax:       718/941-1408 
	Website:   http://members.aol.com/allenamet/PhonoBooks.html
	Email:     AllenAmet@aol.com
See also the Tinfoil.com Cylinder Music Shop catalog for related materials.

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