Live Images of Portland, Oregon   U.S.A.

— The Rose City —
(formerly known as "Stumptown")

Courtesy, KGW-TV, channel 8.

Courtesy, KOIN-TV, channel 6.

Portland – Home of the NBA Trailblazers basketball team and

Although it is true Portland's annual rainfall (36"/year) is about the same as Chicago's and less than

what makes Portland's precipitation so striking is its persistence.   It rains typically 151 days each year.   And what of the other 214 days in the year?   Generally, then, it threatens to rain.   When it rains here, does it fall for a just few minutes followed by hours of respite?   No.

Of course, Portland does have clear, sunny days: On average, sixty-eight of them per year – usually July and August, and some of June.   However, this leaves September through May, during which we typically experience 74 days of partly cloudy and 222 days of fully cloudy weather.  

Hence, this is a very productive environment: Plants do just great here.   And in this land of inventive pioneering-types, the people are usually hard at work – mainly indoors.   (Sadly, our major public policy issues are the drainage and overflow of rainwater and sewage, plus assisted suicide.)

As an aside, on our last trip to Jamaica, we visited a parish where the annual rainfall exceeds 300"/year!   Appropriately, its name was Portland.

On the whole, this is a great place – full of nice people – and a wonderful place to work on preserving wax cylinder recordings.

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