Tinfoil.com licensing fee structure

	 Time-limited projects (exhibits, presentations, advertisements)
		 Per audio selection or excerpt of
			 One-year:        $75 - 250
			 Five-year:       150 - 500
		 Per image selection or portion of
			 One-year:         50 - 200
			 Five-year:       100 - 400

	 Time-unlimited projects (motion picture, Internet, print, or audio), for distribution quantity [Q]
		 Per audio selection or excerpt of
			 Q <= 1000:      $150 - 500
			 Q >  1000:       300 - 1000
		 Per image selection or portion of
			 Q <= 1000:       100 - 400
			 Q >  1000:       200 - 800
Note: Fees range from the minimum for an excerpt or portion of a media selection, and for smaller percentage of project content, to the maximum for full media usage, and for larger percentage of project content.

Revised: June 2016

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