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How much is my antique phonograph worth?

Well now here is a topic sure to incite disagreement!   These general prices are based on this scenerio:  
"If a common version of this phonograph model with a simple horn (if an outside-horn model) was purchased back sometime during its original production period, used for many years, perhaps stored away, perhaps refurbished, but clearly in good working order – in 1997 U.S. dollars, what would it generally be worth?"
N.B.:  If the phonograph has a wood horn – add $500.   If the phonograph has a cygnet horn – add $200.  
General Antique Phonograph Pricing

Edison Gem (maroon) $1000 Gem (others) $400-600 Fireside $500-800 Standard $400-600 Home $400-600 Triumph $600-900 Opera $3000-6000 (assumes wood horn) Concert $1500-3000 (player for concert-sized records) Amberola 30 $300-500 Amberola 50 $300-500 Amberola 75 $450-700 Amberola Ia $2000-4000 Amberola Ib $1500-3000 Amberola III $800-1500 Amberola V $400-700 Dictaphone $50-150 Diamond disk (uprights) $200-600 (add $50-100 extra reproducer for "78s") Victor Rear mounts I,II,III $800-1400 IV,V $1000-1400 VI $2000-3000 Front mounts Trademark $2000-5000 Most other front mounts $700-1400 Victrola Table models IV, VI, VIII, IX $125-350 X, XI, XII $200-400 Floor models X, XI, XIV, XVI $200-500 Other uprights & consoles $100-400 Columbia Cylinder players Smaller models $250-600 Larger models $400-1000 Grand $800-1800 (player for 5" grand records) Disk players Front mounts $600-1000 Rear mounts $500-1500 Other common uprights & consoles $100-500 Other manufacturers Common consoles and uprights $75-400

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How much are my cylinder records worth?

Of course, the value of cylinder recordings varies greatly.   Here are some general price ranges (in 1997 U.S. dollars) by type of record for American recordings (Edison, Columbia, et al) in acceptable condition.   Of course, the value can be much higher if the recording is rare or a special series, lower if damaged or otherwise in poor condition:  
   Wax cylinders:
	Brown, standard size:  		$10-70
	Brown, concert size: 		$100-250
	Black, two-minute: 		$5-8
	Black, three-minute: 		$30-70
	Black, four-minute: 		$1-4

   Celluloid (plastic) cylinders:
	Black, two-minute: 		$3-8
	Blue, two-minute: 		$5-15
	Lambert pink, two-minute: 	$75-125
	Lambert black, two-minute: 	$15-30 (rarer than the pinks!)
	Black or blue, four-minute: 	$2-8

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