Pioneering recording artist

James C. McAuliffe

Name James C. McAuliffe
Lifetime 1859 - ?
Specialty Irish bagpipe
McAuliffe recorded 14 bagpipe selections for Edison's National Phonograph Company from 1899 through 1903.

James C. McAuliffe with his Irish (uilleann) bagpipe. Date uncertain (1890s?).

A humorous story about this photo . . .
Related by John McAuliffe, great-grandson of James C. McAuliffe:

Working in a penitentiary at the time, John brought this photograph to work with him one day to have it framed. An inmate of the prison asked, "What is that, a Gatling gun?" The prison psychologist remarked to John that the inmate showed "the typical criminal response: anything tubular must be a weapon."

Later, when John brought the framed photograph home, his father asked, "What is that, a Gatling gun?"

Tintype (ca. 1880) of wife Ellen S., James C., and son William.

Photocopy of obituary, Standard Press of Hoosick Falls (New York), date not known.

— The preceding photographs are from the collection of  John McAuliffe —
(great-grandson of James C.)

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