Early recording artist

Edith Helena

Name Edith Helena
Lifetime 1876 - 1956
Specialty Coloratura soprano
Famous for her 4 octave range, and violin imitations.

Born in Brooklyn, NY as Edith Helen Seymour, on stage her name was truncated and 'Italianized' to Edith Helena.   It was said of her that she had one of the highest voices in the world.

Helena trivia: She was Theodore Roosevelt's favorite singer.

Edith Helena, ca. 1910
Edith Helena, ca. 1910. Photograph from the collection of Arthur E. Knight,
published in The Record Collector, Vol. IX, No. 7, December 1954.

After her operatic and vaudeville careers, she appeared in a motion picture (Roof Tops of Manhattan, 1935), sold jams and jellies, and was a first-rate upholsterer.   In the mid-50s, she appeared several times on the Dumont TV show "Life Begins at Eighty".

Letter from Edith Helena to Art Guenther, March 21, 1956.
Edith Helena's letter to Art Guenther detailing her experiences on the 1955 "Life Begins at Eighty" TV shows.

Edith Helena's obituary (d. 11-27-1956).
Edith Helena's obiturary. Mt. Kisco Herald Tribune, November 28, 1956.

— These images are from the collection of  Art Guenther —

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