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For August 1998 . . .

This month:   An early recording (perhaps the earliest) of the classic Take Me Out to the Ball Game.

Take Me Out to the Ball Game
Company Edison's National Phonograph Company
Cylinder # 9926
Category Waltz song
Title Take Me Out to the Ball Game
Performed by Edward Meeker
Circa September 1908
Announcement "Take Me Out to the Ball Game, sung by Edward Meeker.  Edison record."

An instant hit in 1908, and still running strong after ninety years.   Albert Von Tilzer's song quickly became a classic as America's signature song for baseball.   Click here to learn more about composer Albert Von Tilzer and his older brother and composer Harry Von Tilzer (courtesy of Murray Pfeffer's Tunesmiths Database).

On the cylinder the song is labelled as a "waltz song" which, of course, it is – although at first glance it seems a bit odd to think of Take Me Out to the Ball Game as a waltz.

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