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For August 1997...

A fun comic song from 1906: Nothing Like That In Our Family sung by Will F. Denny.

Nothing Like That In Our Family
Company Edison's National Phonograph Company
Cylinder # 9306
Category Comic song
Title Nothing Like That In Our Family
Performed by Will F. Denny
Circa July 1906
Announcement "Nothing Like That In Our Family, sung by Will F. Denny.  Edison record."

Will F. Denny was a popular recording artist from the late 1890's through the late 1900's. He had a great knack for delivering comic songs, parodies and ballads – recording such titles as You Never Told Me That Before We Married, I'm Getting Quite American, Don't You Know? and All Birds Look Like Chickens to Me!

To date, I've only come across this one copy of Nothing Like That In Our Family which, unfortunately, has a few slightly distorted passages. But, rather than wait an indeterminable period for a better copy to come along, . . .

"They ordered up two quarts of wine. I felt a chill run down my spine.
And I said 'this doesn't blow for mine!'
. . .
Nothing like that in our home sweet home, nothing for us but the good old foam."

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