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From 1909, a snappy ragtime performed by the New York Military Band - Wild Cherry.

Wild Cherry
Company Edison's National Phonograph Company
Cylinder # 10039
Category Band
Title Wild Cherry
Performed by New York Military Band
Circa 1909
Announcement None

A fine recording of a hit ragtime tune - representing the "cutting edge" ragtime and proto-jazz sounds of popular music during this period.

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10039   Wild Cherry New York Military Band
    A characteristic rag composition by the writer of "My Dream of the U.S.A.", "It's the Pretty Things You Say" and "Grandma."   It is one of the brightest and sprightliest rag-time pieces brought out in many a day, and it makes an instant hit wherever played.   Composer, Ted Snyder; publisher, Ted Snyder, New York.
— November 1908 Edison Phonograph Monthly [announcing the January 1909 records]


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