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A popular old-time dance, In Old Alabama, played by the Peerless Orchestra.

In Old Alabama
Company Edison's National Phonograph Company
Cylinder # 8392
Category Orchestra
Title In Old Alabama
Performed by Peerless Orchestra
Circa May 1903
Announcement "In Old Alabama, played by the Peerless Orchestra.  Edison record."

In mid-1903, sales were accelerating for Edison's louder new-generation molded black wax records (replacing his individually copied brown wax cylinders).   Also, the Peerless Orchestra had enjoyed a string of hot-selling recordings.   These factors combined to help make this excellent recording – marketed as a "characteristic barn dance" – a big-seller for Edison.

As is typical of many of these early black wax recordings, the capture of the bass is relatively strong – a feature that was essentially lost by 1905 due to "improvements" in the recording process.

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