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Enjoy a wax cylinder recording of traditional Scottish Highlands fiddle dance music: Sterling Castle and Harvest Home played by William Craig.

Sterling Castle and Harvest Home
Company Edison's National Phonograph Company
Cylinder # 10120
Category Violin solo
Title Sterling Castle and Harvest Home
Performed by William Craig
Circa May 1909
Announcement "Violin solo (strathspey and reel), Sterling Castle and Harvest Home, played by William Craig.  Edison record."

Given that this tune was already an old favorite (see the Edison advertisement, below) when this recording was made over 100 years ago, this qualifies it as doubly old . . .

The faint thunking sound heard through much of this record came from the recording horn (which would have been suspended by cables) lightly swaying due to something nudging or tapping it – perhaps Craig's busy bow did it!

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10120   Sterling Castle and Harvest Dance [otherwise labeled & announced 'Home'] William Craig
    A strathspey and reel on the violin.   Just the sort of Record to appeal to all who like the violin for the old-fashioned dance music that was played when our grandfathers were young.   Piano accompaniment.
— March 1909 Edison Phonograph Monthly [announcing the May records]

— This cylinder of the month is from the collection of  Al Menashe —


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