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This month:   From 1908, enjoy the super-fantastique banjo solo Dixie Medley played by Fred Van Epps.

Dixie Medley

Company Edison's National Phonograph Company
Cylinder # 8339
Category Banjo solo
Title Dixie Medley
Performed by Fred Van Epps
Circa 1908
Announcement "Banjo solo, Dixie Medley, played by Fred Van Epps.  Edison record."

A great banjo solo with vibrant tuba accompaniment.

Fred Van Epps (also spelled Eps) was, in a sense, a second-generation recording banjoist in that he acquired some of his skills through study of Vess L. Ossman's early recordings.

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This particular recording is apparently a re-make of the original 1903 release.

If anyone knows the Dixie-related name to the 4th tune in the medley, please let me know so that we can complete the following table:

  • 0:06-0:38   I Wish I Was in Dixie's Land aka Dixie
  • 0:39-0:52   Rarely heard walk-around portion of Dixie
  • 0:53-1:13   The Arkansas Traveler
  • 1:14-1:34   Too young to marry (?)
  • 1:35-2:03   Turkey in de Straw
Thank you!

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04/2007 Make a Fuss Over Me Banjo trio Ossman Banjo Trio 1905
01/2016 The Mosquito Parade Banjo duet Vess L. Ossman & Bill Farmer 1901
08/2003 Saving Them All for Mary Topical song with banjo Al Reeves 1891-1893
07/1997 Stars and Stripes Forever March Banjo solo Ruby Brooks 1902


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