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~ 1888-1894 ~
  The North American Phonograph Company Era  
1888-1894, The North American Phonograph Company Era CD Price: $15.00
Item: CD-bwNA

Experience the beginnings of the commercial phonograph industry as the North American Phonograph Company and its regional companies created the recorded music America listened to. The bulk of these recordings were intended for coin-in-the-slot "nickelodeons" or exhibition purposes, as phonographs were not yet economically practical in most homes.

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— Contents —

Title Performed by Circa
1. One Minute Too Late (Voss') The 1st Regiment Band 1891
2. Third verse of Mary & John, The Lover's Quarrel Will White 1890
3. La Media Noche The United States Marine Band 1890
4. Saving Them All for Mary Al Reeves early 1890's
5. My Little Irish Queen (?) Issler's Orchestra early 1890's
6. The Esquimaux Dance William Tuson 1892
7. The Vienna Dude's March Duffy & Imgrund's 5th Regiment Band 1891
8. Safe in My Father's Home B. P. Stout 1891
9. Loin du Bal (Echo of the Ball) (Voss') The 1st Regiment Band 1891
10. The Irishman's Perplexity (?) Mrs. McCormack early 1890's
11. Le Grand Mougel Le Guard Republican 1892
12. The Magic Waltz Issler's Orchestra early 1890's
13. A Curl From Baby's Head Garry Allen [Len Spencer] early 1890's
14. Five Minutes With the Minstrels (Voss') The 1st Regiment Band 1891
15. Baby's Lullaby Standard Quartette 1893
16. The Forge in the Forest Voss' 1st Regiment Band 1892
17. Lanciers with Figures Called - Erminie Issler's Popular Orchestra 1893
18. Take Your Time, Gentlemen Press Eldridge 1892
19. March from the Works of Wagner The 23rd Regiment Band 1893
20. Selections from Faust Baldwin's Cadet Band of Boston 1894
21. Oh, Mrs. O'Flaherty What Did You Mean Be That Dan W. Quinn 1893
22. Riding Thro' the Glen Issler's Orchestra 1894
23. Daisy Bell Edward M. Favor 1894
24. (unknown) Issler's Parlor Orchestra 1888
Total playing time:   60:27



1888-1894, The North American Phonograph Company Era (click for details)

1895-1897, The Post-North American Phonograph Company Era (click for details)

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