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  The Brown Wax Sampler  
~ 1891-1903 ~
The Brown Wax Sampler, 1891-1903 CD Price: $15.00
Item: CD-scBR

The earliest commercial phonograph recordings and generally more primitive-sounding than black wax cylinders, brown wax cylinders carry a wonderfully distinctive sound.

Enjoy 24 brown wax "hits" and other historic recordings of the 1890's to the early 1900's – including seven recordings from 5" diameter "concert" cylinders.

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— Contents —

Note: This volume is a special compilation including selections from each of the four chronological volumes in the Brown Wax Series, as well as 10 selections not found in other volumes.

Title Performed by Circa
1. One Minute Too Late (Voss') The 1st Regiment Band 1891
2. The Esquimaux Dance William Tuson 1892
3. Take Your Time, Gentlemen Press Eldridge 1892
4. La Media Noche The United States Marine Band 1890
5. Cocoanut Dance Issler's Orchestra 1895
6. It Don't Seem Like the Same Old Smile George J. Gaskin 1897
7. And Her Golden Hair Was Hanging Down Her Back Banta's Orchestra 1895
8. The Virginia Skeedaddle Columbia Orchestra 1898
9. The Laughing Song George W. Johnson 1898
10. Uncle Josh in a Museum Cal Stewart 1898
11. Semper Fidelis Greater New York Band 1899
12. Whistling Rufus Vess L. Ossman 1899
13. Smoky Moke Columbia Orchestra 1899
14. A Hundred Fathoms Deep Frank C. Stanley 1899
15. Dance on Friday Night Peerless Orchestra 1900
16. The Boy Guessed Right Dan W. Quinn 1900
17. Our Whistling Servant Girl John Y. Atlee 1900
18. Grand March From Tannhauser Edison Grand Concert Band 1899
19. Franke Galop Columbia Orchestra 1899
20. When the Birds Go North Again Silas Leachman 1899
21. Hungarian Gipsy Dance Charles D'Almaine 1899
22. I'm Getting Quite American Don't You Know Will F. Denny 1903
23. Two Rubes in an Eating House Harlan & Stanley 1903
24. The Stars and Stripes Forever March Sousa's Band 1901
Total playing time:   62:31




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