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  The Black Wax Sampler  
~ 1902-1912 ~
The Black Wax Sampler, 1902-1912 CD Price: $15.00
Item: CD-scBL

Twenty-eight full-length selections of some of the best and most interesting two-minute black wax cylinder recordings from the early 20th Century.

If you're new to early recorded sounds and wax cylinders, start here!

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— Contents —

Note: This volume is a special compilation including selections from each of the seven genre volumes in the Black Wax Series.

Title Performed by Circa
1. Sadie Salome Edward M. Favor 1909
2. I'm Afraid to Come Home in the Dark Billy Murray 1908
3. I Couldn't Will F. Denny 1904
4. Down at the Huskin' Bee Arthur Collins & Byron G. Harlan 1909
5. A Hundred Fathoms Deep Frank C. Stanley 1902
6. By the Light of the Silvery Moon Ada Jones 1910
7. Pucker Up Your Lips, Miss Lindy Campbell & Gillette 1912
8. Reuben Rag Sophie Tucker 1910
9. O Susanna Tenor and Chorus 1904
10. Jerusalem Mournin' Polk Miller and His Old South Quartette 1910
11. Smoky Mokes Peerless Orchestra 1904
12. Dixie Medley Fred van Epps 1908
13. Florodora March U.S. Marine Fife & Drum Corps 1904
14. Flirting on the Beach Edison Symphony Orchestra 1904
15. Blue Bell Albert Benzler & Frederick Hager 1904
16. Washington Post March Edison Military Band 1904
17. Broncho Bob and His Little Cheyenne Ada Jones & Len Spencer 1907
18. Georgia Minstrels S. H. Dudley & Len Spencer 1904
19. Uncle Josh's Letter From Home Cal Stewart 1909
20. (Descriptive Selection) The Dixie Rube Edison Military Band 1906
21. Lady Binnie and Shores of Lake Erie William Craig 1908
22. Oh Promise Me Bohumir Kryl 1905
23. Consentida Orquesta Tipica Lerdo 1904
24. Petite Mignon Caesar Addimando 1908
25. The Ninety and Nine Frank C. Stanley 1902
26. Nearer, My God, to Thee Edison Concert Band 1904
27. Just Like Bein' at Hame Harry Lauder 1911
28. When You and I Were Young, Maggie Will Oakland 1908
Total playing time:   61:46




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