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~ 1895-1897 ~
  The Post-North American Phonograph Company Era  
1895-1897, The Post-North American Phonograph Company Era CD Price: $15.00
Item: CD-bwPN

Hear recordings made after the break-up of the North American Phonograph Company, as the former regional companies, led by the one from Washington, DC – the Columbia Phonograph Company – navigated their way into the rapidly expanding home market for phonograph records.

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— Contents —

Title Performed by Circa
1. Cocoanut Dance Issler's Orchestra 1895
2. A Summer Evening Baldwin's Cadet Band of Boston 1895
3. It Don't Seem Like the Same Old Smile George J. Gaskin 1897
4. And Her Golden Hair Was Hanging Down Her Back Banta's Orchestra 1895
5. Hungarian Czardas Issler's Orchestra 1895
6. I Wonder Why Russell Hunting 1896
7. Yazoo Dance Sousa's Grand Concert Band 1895
8. Old Black Joe William Tuson (?) 1895
9. March from Carmen Issler's Orchestra 1896
10. Let All Obey unknown 1897
11. Overture, Poet and Peasant Baldwin's Cadet Band of Boston 1895
12. The Mocking Bird Billy Golden 1897
13. Dixie Issler's Orchestra 1895
14. The Anvil Chorus Banta's Popular Orchestra 1895
15. I Don't Want to Play in Your Yard George J. Gaskin 1895
16. The Darkies' Temptation Sousa's Grand Concert Band 1896
17. Kentucky Jubilee Singers Issler's Orchestra 1895
18. Poor Mourner Standard Quartette 1896
19. At the Fair Columbia Orchestra 1897
20. Evening Star David B. Dana 1895
21. Thoughts of Love Issler's Popular Orchestra 1895
22. Dear Kind Doctor Russell Hunting 1896
23. Overture, Zampa Baldwin's Cadet Band of Boston 1895
24. The Star Spangled Banner U. S. Marine Band 1895
Total playing time:   64:32



1888-1894, The North American Phonograph Company Era (click for details)

1895-1897, The Post-North American Phonograph Company Era (click for details)

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