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  Vaudeville & Minstrelsy  
Vaudeville & Minstrelsy CD Price: $15.00
Item: CD-2mVM

Plenty of good humor, laughs, and just plain fun. Enjoy a great selection of humorous monologues by Cal Stewart (Uncle Josh), vaudeville sketches, two-minute minstrel shows and more.

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— Contents —

Title Performed by Circa
1. Broncho Bob and His Little Cheyenne Ada Jones & Len Spencer 1907
2. Casey Courting His Girl John Kaiser 1904
3. Street Piano Medley August Molinari 1908
4. Flanagan's Troubles in a Restaurant Steve Porter 1907
5. Meet Me Down at the Corner Ada Jones & Len Spencer 1907
6. Jim Jackson's Last Farewell Ada Jones & Len Spencer 1906
7. House Cleaning Time Ada Jones & Len Spencer 1908
8. Hebrew Vaudeville Julian Rose 1904
9. Clancy's Prize Waltz Contest Len Spencer 1904
10. (Descriptive Selection) The Dixie Rube Edison Military Band 1906
11. An Evening Call in Jayville Center Byron G. Harlan & Frank C. Stanley 1904
12. The First Rehearsal for the Huskin' Bee Byron G. Harlan & Frank C. Stanley 1904
13. Two Rubes and the Tramp Fiddler Byron G. Harlan & Frank C. Stanley 1905
14. Hickory Bill Len Spencer & Fred Van Epps 1904
15. Uncle Josh at a Camp Meeting Cal Stewart 1902
16. Uncle Josh on an Automobile Cal Stewart 1904
17. Uncle Josh's Arrival in New York City Cal Stewart 1908
18. Uncle Josh and the Fire Department Cal Stewart 1904
19. Uncle Josh's Letter From Home Cal Stewart 1909
20. Uncle Josh in Society Cal Stewart 1909
21. Uncle Josh at the Dentist's Cal Stewart & Len Spencer 1909
22. Alabama Minstrels Dudley, Spencer & MacDonough 1904
23. California Minstrels Dudley, Spencer & MacDonough 1904
24. Georgia Minstrels S. H. Dudley & Len Spencer 1904
25. Mississippi Minstrels Harry MacDonough 1905
26. At the Minstrel Show - No. 4 Will F. Denny 1906
27. The Model Minstrels Steve Porter, B. Harlan, A. Collins and B. Murray 1909
28. An Amateur Minstrel Rehearsal Edison Vaudeville Company 1907
Total playing time:   64:02




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