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  Comic Songs  
Comic Songs CD Price: $15.00
Item: CD-2mCS

Somewhat a lost art today; these comic songs are positively mood altering!  Enjoy 28 of the best, sung by the top recording personalities of the time.

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— Contents —

Title Performed by Circa
1. I Couldn't Will F. Denny 1904
2. Ev'ry Little Bit, Added to What You've Got, etc. Arthur Collins & Byron G. Harlan 1907
3. My Mariuccia Take-A Steamboat Billy Murray 1906
4. Teasing Bob Roberts 1904
5. I'm Looking For Something To Eat Stella Mayhew 1910
6. Sadie Salome Edward M. Favor 1909
7. He Was Very Kind To Me! Harry Lauder 1908
8. Down at the Huskin' Bee Arthur Collins & Byron G. Harlan 1909
9. I'm Tired of Eating in the Restaurants Bert Williams 1906
10. Under the Anheuser Bush Billy Murray 1904
11. Everything's Funny to Me Sallie Stembler 1909
12. McGinty at the Living Pictures Edward M. Favor 1904
13. Hello There! Macintyre Jack Lorimer 1909
14. Nothing Like That in Our Family Will F. Denny 1906
15. She Forgot to Bring Him Back Ada Jones 1908
16. A Square Peg in a Round Hole Alf Gordon 1904
17. I'm Crazy 'bout It Arthur Collins & Byron G. Harlan 1906
18. I May Be Crazy, But I Ain't No Fool Bob Roberts 1904
19. He Goes to Church on Sunday Billy Murray 1907
20. Father is a Judge Edward Meeker 1909
21. She's My Daisy Harry Lauder 1908
22. The Bird on Nellie's Hat Helen Trix 1907
23. Parody "There Never Was a Girl Like You" Nat M. Wills 1909
24. Noah's Ark Murry K. Hill 1910
25. Whoa, Bill Arthur Collins & Byron G. Harlan 1904
26. Jingles, Jokes and Rhymes Edward M. Favor 1906
27. I'm Afraid to Come Home in the Dark Billy Murray 1908
28. I'd Love to, But I Won't Bessie Wynn 1910
Total playing time:   61:21




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