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Tinfoil Phonographs
by René Rondeau
Tinfoil Phonographs book
2001. 168 - 11" x 8½" pages. Black & white.
Price: $19.50
Item: BK-TFP

Detailing the history and development of the first-generation of phonographs – before discs, before wax cylinders – tinfoil phonographs.

Early phonograph expert René Rondeau has carefully researched, photographed, and documented dozens of the finest examples from around the world of these earliest talking machines.

Also included are sections

  • Identifying tinfoil phonograph replicas.
  • Describing tinfoil and how to make a good tinfoil recording.
  • Detailing plans so you can build your own tinfoil phonograph.

Back cover, Tinfoil Phonographs

Tinfoil Phonographs
copyright (C) 2001 by René Rondeau. All rights reserved.




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